Friday, September 4, 2009


great success-i woke up refreshed and rested! normally i am dragging at 4:15am but this morning i felt great. two bags black tea helps as well and raw almond butter and a nanner. does the trick every time. anyways my point was 5:30 class was a success as well as my 7:30. that's right folks- double trouble- lock your knee! the rest of my day consists of napping for 1 hour or 2...depending on if i can stay sleep or not, lunch, meet rach for pedi date, meeting at work, 5:30 class with the hubster(thats the hubby and the mister) post yoga breakfast omelet dinner at buzz brews, and grocery shopping at cm. while winding down and catching up with emails i found these lovely quotes/saying/bits of inspiration to share. enjoy and have a great friday!

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tvieger said...

The hubster loves it when you make naner boats!