Saturday, September 5, 2009

running with nike+ sportband

okay so i have decided to take up running. yes i am a devoted yogi at heart and i practice 6 days a week sometimes more and sometimes less but i need a new challenge. running is that challenge for me. i ran this morning at white rock lake with my new nike+ sportband. you put a sensor in your shoe and wear the wrist band tracking your pace, time, calories, and miles with a mini usb on your wrist. come home after your run and plug in. it is seriously so cool. i think half the reason i like running is because of the fun of the gear- your distance tracking device and ishuffle. for 2 miles my time was 8:13 and then one mile was 9:05. i don't really know how high/low that is in the grand scheme of things..i just know the goal is to shoot for a lower number. in steps. check out the illustration of my run-so fun!

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Coco said...

ah!! what's your user name! I LOOOOVE it!