Wednesday, September 9, 2009

run prep and post run

my tech gear tunes and tracking device
my really cool new socks that were free from lukes' locker
in the swag bag from free day of yoga
all my meds :)

this morning i taught the 7:30 class and then took the 9:30. my green monster gave me the energy i needed to teach and take but i was still starving when i got home. i made a mexican inspired salad

2 oz chicken
2 oz sliced avocado
1/4 cup black beans
red pepper
cherry tomatoes
salsa for dressing

ran some errands. had a snack on the go 30 minutes before my run at the lake. trail mix kashi bar- yummy. the only thing that is perplexing me about my new running adventure (minus the blisters and sore muscles) is all the prep for running.

salve for lube-ing up existing blisters
band-aids to prevent bigger blisters
no chafe for under my arms- they burn with they rub against the side of my boobs (sorry mom:)
AND tiger balm for the oh so sore knees

sweating in a room for 90 minutes in barely any clothes is more my idea of a fun and minimal prep (besides water) required. that being said though i am going to sick with it- running is a challenge and i need a challenge. it is a new adventure for me to take on! today i ran the farthest i had ever run in one run(say that three times fast). 5 miles!! snaps for me :) my average is a 9 min mile. although my pace for 2 of my miles today was 7:03 which i beat my 8:13 time with a couple of days ago. yay snaps again:)

highlight of my run: when apple bottom jeans came on by flo rida (oh come on- don't deny it- you love that song) and daft punk- harder faster stronger (another favorite from training).
another highlight- when the cross country jr high boys team ran by me- so hot!!! kidding those little guys were so puny -really cute though-- i think they are still afraid of girls :)

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Coco said...

I'm so impressed! Nice job on the running!! Go alli, keep me posted on it!