Sunday, August 30, 2009

sea's gift

yummmmmy! these are like healthy chips. and only 25 calories for one pack- delish! i is the perfect salty crunchy treat to satisfy your 'snacky' craving. taylor and i bought 2 packs at whole foods today after church for 99c each and finished them before we even made lunch. they were that good! the pic i added says there is 24 to a pack- i think ours was smaller than that- the package we bought says 0.2 oz (6g). i was worried that they might have too much salt but one serving(one pack) is only 60g sodium. the ingredients include seaweed, sesame oil, and sea salt. i am teaching the 4 o'clock class today but i might have to go back to whole foods and buy more. seriously so good! i also made a fabulous flat out salad pizza for lunch that i will add later. no time now- got to get to the studio!


Halle said...

i took class this morning. hate i am missing your class =(

Coco said...

I'm getting these tomorrow after my class!