Wednesday, August 26, 2009

buy it today!

ALOHA! i'm back from the beach-and boy do i have a book for you! hilary (hot mama to be and my sister in law) let me borrow it after she was done. the carol(aka my loving mom) had raved about it and then hilary raved about it as well so i figured i had to check it out myself. i could not put it down! on the way home on the plane i was missing valuable sleeping time crying real tears at the end. it was that good. i don't want to go into details because you have to see for yourself. but it was an excellent book and i highly recommend it. check out reviews here


Coco said...

on my way to the store!!

Hilary Baker said...

I miss Skeeter, Minnie & Abileen so much --- :) xoxo

kathleen said...

i just read this book too! and i cant stop thinking about it. im having a hard time getting into my new book bc it already doesnt compare. i too miss skeeter, minnie, and abileen. three friends... gone