Sunday, August 30, 2009

salad pizza!!!

so in church my tummy was rumblin and i was thinking what to make for lunch. i really wanted the nutritional benefits of a salad but also was in the mood for something to munch on. BINGO- salad pizza! i basically took my favorite salad and put it on a flat out wrap. thanks to my bf gabby i made it crispy this time. when using flat out wraps you have to cook it 7 minutes before topping to get the crust crispy- thanks again for the tip nuni!

handful of spinach
about 5 basil leaves (roll into cigars and chop)
1/2 small red onion/scallion chopped in semi circles
2 T toasted slivered almonds
about 6 strawberries cut into circles and soaked in balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup reduced fat feta
1/2 T EVOO drizzled on top of the toppings

top already toasted flat out wrap with feta, spinach, basil, onions, almonds and add strawberries and olive oil drizzle to the top- eat and enjoy!

a personal note from the chef: this recipe was sooooo tasty i am making it for lunch tomorrow :) taylor even LOVED it! sometimes when i make my recipes he doesn't like how 'healthy' they taste- but he said this one is a keeper!!!

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Coco said...

That looks fab! I'm now craving that and I just finished dinner. The flat out is better crispy right? Yay for salad pizza!