Sunday, October 9, 2011

luke time

guess who i got to spend 2 days with?
the cutest nephew
e v e r
how can you not love this little man?
he loves apples and elmo
playing outside
helping aunt alli water the plants on the back porch
handing me toys
(while loosing his pants:)- HA!
taking big boy steps to his cool green chair
sweet snuggles while reading
he also loves guac at mi concina
photo credit: my dear friend AND our lovely lunch date rachel j
playing pillow pile and tickle time with uncle tay
his favorite game- what he aptly calls
who knew an air filterer was so entertaining?!
playing car car at central market
and the drums while eating at R+D

these are just a couple of snap shots of the massive
amount of fun we had with this little one
he is such a bundle of energy and a bright blessing in
our lives! special thanks to his parents for
letting us borrow their sweet kiddo


Taylor Vieger said...

This little falcon is the BEST! Thanks to his parents for letting us be pretend parents for a few days :)

Hilary Baker said...

luke had a blast with ayyee and tay. yall are the best.

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