Thursday, October 13, 2011

speaking of loving...

i know he's my husband
but man i love this guy!
this shot is from our dear and talented friend
okay he's not officially a sir but he should be
not only is he a photographer for fossil
he also moonlights as a freelance photographer
who wakes up for his art
that were all taken in the wee hours of the
morn at white rock lake
the way he captured the light,
the hubs' sexy 5 o'clock shadow
the whole bit
genius sir dalton

why is taylor having oh so fancy photo shoots
in the fields of white rock at sunrise
sporting the latest and greatest in mens' wear?
because we have to make mortgage people
kidding..ha- kind of

these shots are to promote
something pretty major
his second album
releasing 10.22.11 on itunes!!!!

like i said before
it's pretty major!

hope you all enjoy it as much as i do


Taylor Vieger said...

Alli, Thank you so much! You are too modest, you are the genius designer behind all the music! I can only hope Antoine Dodson will buy this album!

Coco said...

Love this, FABULOUS photo.

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