Saturday, January 30, 2010

my birthday month

ALERT the a few days it will be february, the month of my birth. yes that is correct, in our family(learned from my mother of course) the women celebrate all month long. and if there is any request no matter how small or can always follow it up with' well it's my birthday month' -end of story. in honor of my birth i am going to share some birthday wishes just in case *cough cough* anyone is reading that wants to know. i always try to keep my friends in family in the know. for their benefit of course :0
angela adams tray for dining room wall- love it!!!

love how this clock moves
perfect for office wall next to my 'puter' as in macbook

these adorable mod postcards
perfect for framing and doing a series in the hallway
this poof -for lee lou obviously :)
this print
this awesome scarf (more like a body blanket)
love this clutch and color- i always buy black but blue is a nice accent


Halle said...

LOVE the print "all in good time." So cool!

Coco said...

I love birthmonths! So glad mine is over so we can focus on wigging out for yours! :)