Wednesday, October 21, 2009

fall favorites

FALL is in the air! i love this time of year! so many good times--carving pumkins, bike riding with tay, making butternut squash soup, roasting veggies, drinking tea while snuggled up under a quilt reading a good book..the list goes on and on. here are a couple of my current fall favs!
currently eyeing: sundance balcazar throw
(yes that link is for you carol:)
so goooood- i drink this about 3 times a day and i love the way it smells!
quite possibly my new favorite apple. fujis' were my go to and galas were my standby
but honeycrisp is the new IT!


Coco said...

I looooove the throw! I miss you. When can we have a gal conf. call?

allison said...

yay-it's a date-when? i made a girl call to you today- i miss you!

benny's dad said...

I love Honeycrisps, I have been eating about 3 a day since they have been in season. They are my new favorite snack!