Monday, June 8, 2009

another spectacular post from featured guest blogger; clark baker the beer maker

adventures in beerland 
by clark baker

what you are about to see is how a hobby, if left unchecked, can quickly become an obsession. i am not what you would call a 'handy man.' several people can attest to this. i once tried to eat a hammer. but this is what i built this weekend. this is what the beer crazed frat brother would refer to as a 'kegerator.' i, however, would like to rename this machine- the homebrewed draft dispensing robot. here is the rundown-i put my homebrew in keg, keg gets hooked up, dispense beer, drink beer. four easy steps. some features of my beer dispensing robot are a chalkboard top so i can write on it, tap handles(that are missing...haven't arrived yet) AND the ability to serve three different beers at a time.

other news- i had a brewing session saturday that turned into an impromptu bbq. i don't ever suggest trying to brew a 5 gallon batch of hefeweizen and grilling bratwurst for 12 people simultaneously. it's more difficult than you think it would be.

well that's it for this guest blog. please send any questions or comments to

Homebrewed Draft Beer Dispensing Robot INC
ATTN: Clark P. Rutherford Haynes Baker
3630 Boyce Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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Hilary Baker said...

So impressed mr clark!