Monday, April 13, 2009

our date with kirk

the happy couple
taylor being unattractive
kirk contemplating the size of his carbon footprint that he just made by eating beef

the other happy couple
finally- a decent one!
it rained and we we got home the porch was covered in slugs! kirk proceeded to get taylor to 
get the salt shaker...i do not condone this behavior people!

taylor and i wanted to do korean bbq on sat night. when taylor lived in la(back in his glamorous hollywood days)he worked at a korean bar-b-q hi roller place in beverly hills. so chic! it was so trendy because the korean woman who owned it would scout around town looking for new talent-aka hot model guys- to be her waitors. she found taylor at his previous job- working the smoothie bar at crunch gy. again so LA- insert gag here:) so the point of telling that whole back story is taylor realy enjoys eating korean bar-b-q- he knows all the food names - 
what to order- and so on. and plus it is a fun dining experience for all. 
kirk johnson; the talented mastermind behind came with us. 
hop you enjoyed the photo montage of our delightful evening :) slugs included....

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